Who is César Giraldo

He was born in March the 19th 1963, in Pereira, Colombia in the middle of a family with social sensibility. Since he was very young and for more than two decades he was tied into the fashion world with his own shops, representing clothing firms and creating his own brand.

In 1989 it is the issue of “Taller Manual del Cuero” (Manual Leather Labour Workshop) and almost simultaneously he began his teaching of leather craft. It was a moment of big changes; he started studies in philosophy and history and with the artisan work it represents a reaction face to the industrial concerns.

In 1998 he participates in Expoartesanías the most important Craft Fair of Latin America that takes place annually in which he has won awards for the best exhibition twice and many honored mentions. Looking forward to support technically his learning, in 1999, He linked The Escuela de Artes y Oficios Santo Domingo in Bogotá, one of the most prominent nonprofit foundations of the country that preserves and transmits the handcrafts in Colombia. In the second semester of the same year he began to teach the craft to a group of adolescents in rehabilitation process.

He taught the handcraft work for seven years to vulnerable people groups (prisoners, prostitutes, and homeless kids). In 2000 He opens his own store and workshop in Bogotá which along ten years became the biggest experience source alternated with the participation in exhibitions, fairs and workshops as Mario Hernandez`s , the most overhanging in the country.

In 2002 He got a scholarship in Marroquinerie Delvaux in Brussels, the most traditional of Belgium. He also explored in Central Europe some of the most famous leather workshops of the world which meant a very big technical contribution for his craft work. In 2003 He made a new run around Europe exploring new markets and a tour through South America investigating the leather manual labor.

The workshop had received multiple mentions and awards, press articles, radio, national and international television programs. In 2001 he received the best hand craft workshop of Bogotá award, given by The Escuela de Artes y Oficios Santo Domingo. In 2005 He was honored with the best teacher award given up by the First Lady of the Republic and the school directives. In 2008 he participates in L´Artigiano Fair in Milan, Italy. In January 2009 he closed an agreement with a shop in Barcelona and it is the beginning of an exhibition point of the Taller Manual del Cuero in that city.

“Through the handcraft work, I´ve found an expression and creation way to always rescue the basic and elemental, it makes us more human” César Giraldo.