Learn how to make beautiful leather creations, entirely by hand. Unlock the designer in you and develop the skills to take you from an idea to a finished product.

For a practical course to do leather bags hand made, It takes 15 hours in 5 sessions of three hours ending each student with a bag of four choices.


  • 1st hour Knowing tools.
  • 2nd h. Handling tools.
  • 3rd h. Seams, stitches.
  • 4th h. Assembly thechniques.
  • 5 and 6th h. Patterns development.
  • 7th h. Cuts on the leather.
  • 8th h. Initial Assembly, perforation.
  • 9th h. Initial stitches, initial finished, perforation.
  • 10th h. Assembly, stitches.
  • 11 to 15th h. Final assembly, final stitches and finished.

The price per student is $ 480 us dollars.