Our Process

Our production process makes our bags truly unique. No one makes leather bags the way we do. These days, items described as “hand-crafted” or “handmade” can be found all over the internet. Too often these products are laser-cut or machine-stitched, with machines involved every step of the way.

We do things differently, and as a result, we came up with our own moniker: strictly handmade.

What does this mean?

  • Patterns for all of our bags are designed, drawn, and cut entirely by hand.
  • All leather and suede for our bags are cut by hand. 
  • The leather pieces are glued together by hand. 
  • Each hole is punched by hand. 
  • All of the sewing is done by hand. 
  • And each edge is sanded, painted, burnished and sealed by hand.

For a visual demonstration of exactly what we mean by “strictly handmade,” check out the "Our Story" video.

This process, which can take up to 60 hours for some bags, creates a more intimate relationship between our artisans and their work. We’ve decided to carry on these centuries-old leatherworking methods because they create a better product.

Our Materials

Leather. All of the leathers that we use are 100% cow leather, special ordered from family-run Colombian tanneries that our team has been working with for ten years. All of our leathers are produced either in a combination tanning process, which is part-vegetable and part-mineral, or in a mineral tanning process. We use only the highest quality Colombian leather.

Linings. Though some of our bags are unlined, the majority are lined in a luxuriously soft goat-skin suede, produced right here in Bogota. These hides, products of a mineral tanning process, come in every color imaginable.

Paint. We use a water-based dye to paint and seal the edges of our bags. Our process is more time-consuming, but it produces a longer-lasting, higher-quality seal.

Thread. We use a waxed Italian polyester thread, made to last a lifetime. We've experimented with waxed linen threads, but found that the waxed polyester thread is more durable.

Zippers. All zippers are made by YKK.

Buckles. All of the buckles that we use are solid brass or nickel-plated brass.